Melissa's Plan

Melissa's Financial Accountability and Transparency Plan

  1. Move City Council Office of Financial Analysis and Conduct City’s Annual Financial Analysis – The responsibility of providing the Mayor, City Council, and public with critical information about the City’s finances and budget would be absorbed by the office of the Treasurer. By incorporating this office, and the budget office staff to support it, under the Treasurer’s responsibilities, the Treasurer would be tasked with providing detailed analyses of bond issues, revenue projections, and budgetary fiscal impact statements to the Mayor, City Council, and the public.
  2. Conduct the Financial Analysis of Chicago Public Schools and Sister Agencies – Under the Representative’s plan, the office of the Treasurer will be empowered to order audits and conduct the annual financial analyses of Chicago Public Schools and the City’s sister agencies. 
  3. Perform Financial Analysis of Chicago’s Pension Funds – Under Representative Conyears-Ervin’s plan, the Treasurer will be authorized to order audits and conduct the financial analysis of Chicago pension funds, as well as author a comprehensive financial report.
  4. One Location for All Financial Analysis and Reports  – The Treasurer will create and utilize a web portal with records of all past and future financial analyses, audits, fiscal impact notes, and general ledgers of all financial bodies in Chicago.